Saturday, August 01, 2009

Remodeling Magazine's article on Energy Retrofitting.

Part of dealing with the difficult economy is considering whether it is time to focus on new areas of practice or developments in construction. This article by Leah Thayer suggests that retrofitting houses with energy efficient improvements can benefit both contractors and homeowners alike.

In fact, I recently met a contractor who had started a new business doing energy audits and making recommendations. I have said frequently that one way to deal with the recession is to take the time to learn a new skill or work on a new area for your business.

Energy saving measures seem full of opportunity. There are many rebates available for homeowners to implement them, so this can be a win-win for homeowner and contractor alike.


At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Green&Clean said...

Since the new trend in America is going green, business have taken notice and shifted their efforts and marketing to reflect just that. Consumers will benefit because making your house green will save lots of money in the long haul and of course, help the planet. I have seen that a great majority of building service contractors are now using green products and materials and sub-contracting to other green comapany's as well

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